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Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server

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Proclarity have been bought by Microsoft and portions of the toolset have been included into the new PerformancePoint server from Microsoft. This is basically a BI client engine that allows you to. PROCLARITY ON MONDAY rolled out the latest release of its analytics platform, which is designed to allow users to capture and distribute best practices and collaborate on decisions.

Release 5 of. ProClarity Analytics Server Named User License (Dashboard Viewer, Analytics Web, Analytics Professional, Business Reporter for Excel) Have an agreement with ProClarity entitling them to upgrade rights on their ProClarity licenses at the time of acceptance of this offer between March 1, and June 30,or as of June 30, Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server is a business intelligence software product released in by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server

The product was generally an integration of the acquisitions from ProClarity - the Planning Server and Monitoring Server - into Microsoft's SharePoint server product line.

Proclarity have been bought by Microsoft and portions of the toolset have been included into the new PerformancePoint server from Microsoft. This is basically a BI client engine that allows you to. -- ProClarity Business Reporter for Excel -- an optional Microsoft(R) Excel add-in to create high-quality formatted business reports.

Analytic views created within ProClarity can be easily exported to Excel for formatting and reduced training costs.

Proclarity business reporter for excel
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